Enlace Community Link
 Our website will be launching in May 2010...
  • Entirely volunteer-run, since 2001
  • Entirely non-partisan and religiously unaffiliated
  • Broad-reaching across 5 rural communities in
  • southern Ontario
  • A community-based organization that partners with other nonprofits, farms, municipal and regional professionals in schools, police departments, law offices and health units, domestically and abroad

  • workers access the services they are entitled to under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program
  • workers understand their rights and responsibilities while in Canada
  • Create social and recreational spaces for workers in partnership
  • with communities
  • Facilitate understanding, knowledge and appreciation of Mexican culture across Ontario
Enlace was invited by the Department of Human Resources and Skills
Development to participate in a community engagement Meeting of
Stakeholders in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Enlace brought
concerns to senior officials of HRSDC and Citizenship and Immigration Canada
about the lack of enforcement of migrant worker rights in Ontario, and a
particular gap in adequate healthcare for migrant farm workers.