In 2001, a group of women of Mexican origin decided to transform their regular social gatherings into a philanthropic pursuit. These women wanted to give back to their communities and help newly-arrived people in Canada. Then, a chance visit to a farmer's market brought to light the hardships that many migrant farm workers experience in Ontario. The resulting organization has been focused on supporting those workers ever since.

While every worker that comes into contact with Enlace is appreciative of the opportunity to work in Canada, there are many who struggle with abuse, isolation, fear, intimidation, exploitation and discrimination. Enlace focuses its support on Mexican workers who encounter language barriers on top of many other difficulties while living in Ontario.

Read more about Enlace in the journalistic article "Agricultural Migrant Workers and the Struggle for Dignity: Mexican-Canadians Build Enlace Community Link".


To support and reach out to Mexican migrant workers, facilitating their adaptation to Canadian life and society.


Mexican migrant workers being treated with consideration and respect, earning a just salary.


Enlace is a non-profit organization without political or religious affiliation, composed of Spanish-speaking volunteers, with the following objectives:
  • to improve migrant workers' knowledge of their rights and obligations through educational events and publications;
  • to offer them support services - translation, interpretation, mediation, assistance in emergencies, etc;
  • to advocate on their behalf to access the benefits and services to which they are entitled;
  • to mediate with authorities and/or individuals to bring about improvements of their living conditions;
  • to assist in emergencies through a toll-free telephone number, in person, and through links with government and private organizations;
  • to foster appreciation and respect for migrant agricultural workers in their host communities; and
  • to promote and preserve Mexican culture and heritage in Canada.

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  • to encourage health practices and procedures in order to prevent accidents and illness; and
  • to promote road safety, including the wearing of helmets while riding bicycles.


Enlace organizes recreational events for workers in four communities across Ontario. These events create spaces for workers to gather, socialize, find identity, and relax alongside other workers and members of the local community.

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Enlace has been able to put these events together thanks to the kind support of local establishments, community groups, farm owners, police departments, church groups, health professionals, city councillors and other key community members (Please contact us if you would like to volunteer).

Once a month during the growing season, Enlace publishes "El Surco", a newsletter in Spanish, to connect farm workers from Mexico with news, announcements and articles of interest including information on rights and responsibilities while in Canada.

El Surco, May 2009

El Surco, June 2009

El Surco, July 2009

In crisis situations, migrant workers can not always access health or other services. For non-English speakers, the challenge of obtaining these services is even greater. Enlace's toll-free number offers information and referral to workers looking for help in accessing health care and emergency support.

Enlace Annual Report 2008

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