CURRENT AND PAST EVENTS - under construction

  • Traditional celebrations
    • Independence Day (in Simcoe and St. Catherines, Ontario)
    • Posada (Mexican Christmas party) annual fundraiser

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      dancing contest piñatas, childrens' crafts santos reyes, pastorela
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  • Information Workshops
    • Benefits
      • Pensions and parental benefits
      • Employment insurance
    • Income tax returns
    • Health
      • Use of pesticides
      • Equipment
      • Preventative medicine / immunization
      • Mental health

  • Social events
    • Bicycle Rodeo (mini course on bicycle safety)
    • Elotada ("Corn-fest" barbecue)

  • Sporting events
    • Soccer tournaments
      • Bradford / Newmarket
      • Niagara-on-the-Lake

  • Joint participation
    • Independence Day (in Toronto, Ontario)
    • Day of the Dead (in Harbourfront)
    • "Sharing our Traditions" 2005 (in Spadina Museum)

  • Our Partners

  • Liaisons

  • Other organizations

  • April (last Sunday of the month): Welcome to Migrant Workers at the St. Mary Church, in Simcoe

    This is an informal gathering, attended by about 75 workers from the immediate area. Deisy Kiernan prepares "pupusas", snacks from her native El Salvador. Enlace covers the costs, and brings along information about pensions, paternal benefits, taxes, and a calendar of Enlace activities, to encourage dialogue with workers. Often, they receive donations of clothing or other useful items.

    May (last Sunday of the month): Bicycle Rodeo at the Virgil Arena, a suburb of Niagara-On-The-Lake

    This event is organized by Enlace and the Niagara Regional Police. since the bicycle is often the only mode of transportation available to migrant workers, it is important to increase their awareness of the rules of the road to help reduce the risks of accidents. While the police officers demonstrate proper signaling and turning, Enlace volunteers distribute clothing donations, followed by a barbecue, live entertainment, and a used bicycle raffle.

    June (last Sunday of the month): Worker recognition day, in Bradford.

    On this day, Enlace organizes a friendly soccer match between locals and migrant workers, followed by a barbecue with live music. At this time, the mayor of the city thanks the migrant workers for their contribution, and makes a donation. This event also includes a raffle of various useful articles, and the workers recieve used clothing donations.

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